Remember the old Sears houses from a century ago? You could order them out of the Sears Catalog and the entire package of materials needed to construct the entire house would arrive on your site a few days later. The idea of kit houses surfaced again in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It makes sense because it speeds up the reconstruction process by avoiding the inevitable material shortages that will only get worse as the recovery construction gets into full swing. Lowe’s ran a Katrina Cottage program for a few years after Katrina that wasn’t strictly a kit house program. Instead, after a homeowner selected one of the approved cottage plans, a Lowe’s associate would take them through the store selecting the exact numbers of each item needed to build their cottage. There were other businesses which considered bringing back a full kit program, but that did not materialize post-Katrina. It is still, however, a viable option that should be considered.

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